A few months ago I decided to create this platform so that I could express my opinions and recommend what I considered the best of beauty. Since I was a young girl, I have always had a passion for exploring different treatments and products through glamorous magazines and trips to makeup stores.

In order to stand out from the bloggers and beauty gurus that have taken Youtube by storm, I wanted to create a unique  multilingual space to promote what I consider the best beauty salons, treatments for hair, skin and nails and use social media so that this content is accessible to every area of the continent, not just limited to the United States. Shortly after creating this platform, I had the opportunity to return to Colombia to further explore the most popular products and treatments of the moment. During this time I was able to spend time at the national health and beauty fair where I was able to discover many national and international brands and introduce my platform to various brands so that they were aware of all that I plan to do with BeautyTraducida.

While I was explaining my business objectives to each brand representative, I was able to observe their body language  obtain feedback to know if I needed to change any aspect of the presentation of BeautyTraducida. Fortunately, my feedback was very positive and the representatives were even kind enough to share tips on how I could use my abilities to further stand out and truly generate unique content. My favorite part of this fair was how accessible it was to the general public because of the affordability of tickets(15 mil pesos colombianos or $5 USD). In the United States, we have something similar, IMATS, but I loved how this fair wasn’t only limited to professional artists but to all that have a passion for health and beauty. In addition to numerous makeup and skincare brands, the fair also showcased the latest in health and fitness technology.

In addition to the affordability of the fair, they are able to use high tech equipment to perform diagnostics and treatments at no additional cost. Here I am having the health of my scalp evaluated with a special microscope.

Have you ever seen your hair this close?

This was a fantastic visit that allowed me to visualize the possibilities of the beauty industry in not only Colombia, but Latin America as well. I look to contribute to this revolution with my blog and with my brand, BeautyTraducida.

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