Multilingual esthetician passionate about you achieving the skin of your dreams

About me. Hi, I’m Clare! I’ve been a licensed esthetician since 2017 and have a passion for skincare, translating what I know into Portuguese and Spanish, helping you heal acne, preventing premature aging, and helping you feel more confident.
I founded the brand @beautytraducida and am now offering this new virtual consult service just for you.

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Here is my booking link, I can’t wait to help you continue on your skincare journey.

My virtual consults are for you if:

You’re unhappy with how your skin currently looks or are simply looking to maintain results. We set up a time to chat via your choice of two video conference platforms and I go over my recommendations for you and answer any questions you may have. I give you the tools you need to achieve the skin of your dreams and am here to answer any questions you may have about your skincare needs. 

You want an affordable consult. I charge $55 for a 30-minute consult and $70 for a full hour. Once you complete the survey in the booking link with your email, I’ll reach out with my Venmo information. 

You want the option of a multilingual consult. I’m a Colombian-American esthetician based in NY that also speaks Portuguese, Italian, and English. Indicate which language you feel more comfortable in while completing the survey and I strive to meet your needs. 

You want a custom routine made for YOU. There is a lot of noise on social media with thousands of brands being promoted as the latest and greatest. I help you digest what would work for you and block out the rest.

You want budget-friendly recommendations. Spending tons of money on skincare isn’t accessible for everyone(and honestly some luxury brands charge too much) but that doesn’t mean you can’t achieve the results you desire. I take your budgetary needs into consideration for my recommendations to make sure you can afford to create a routine that works for your skin and your wallet.

You want insight from a licensed skincare professional. I used to have horrible hormonal acne(check out my IG @beautytraducida to see my transformation) while my body became acclimated to birth control pills. Although no one’s skin concerns are the same, I can relate to not loving what you see in the mirror and can share what worked for me while I help devise a strategy for your specific needs. I’m here to guide you on your way to your best skin possible. 

You want to help me support local spas near you. Although there is no pressure to book facials or buy spa-quality products, I recommend practitioners near you that carry lines I think that will help. Doesn’t it sound better to support small businesses and make new local esthetician friends than going to global beauty retailers or any department store and listening to another sales pitch for a product you might not even need?


How does the scheduling process work?
After completing the survey in the registration link and providing me with your email, I will contact you with my payment information and confirm your session once I receive your payment. 

What video conferencing platforms are used? You have the option of using either Zoom or Google Hangouts

How much do consults cost? I charge $55 for a 30-minute session and $70 for a full hour. The full hour is not listed on the booking site due to platform limitations but simply let me know you would like to book more time with me and I make it possible. I currently process my payments through Venmo, however please let me know if you prefer an alternative payment method and I will consider expanding.

 Need to cancel or reschedule? Here’s how it works. If you need to cancel or reschedule, please do so 24 hours prior, and although I do not issue refunds, you will be credited for another session at a date and time that fits your schedule.