You know that I’ve always been fascinated with the world of beauty, especially focusing on the best treatments to make skin as beautiful as possible. Two months ago, I enrolled in esthetician school to be able to create BeautyTraducida content with a more professional perspective. A career as an esthetician requires an extensive range of knowledge to not only be able to analyze and identify different skin types but also be able to recommend specific products, all while the client is relaxed and we massage their face with specific techniques that improve and stimulate the skin.

I’m sure that you have seen various videos that I’ve published on my social media pages showing various treatments that I’ve experimented with such as anti-aging, vitamin c, among others. I was hesitant to try the anti-aging treatment because my skin still looks youthful and hydrated, in fact, people sometimes think I’m younger than my actual age but in the end, it was a wonderful treatment. Our instructors emphasize that the best time to start these types of treatments is during ones 20’s. In other words, it’s better to prevent signs of aging instead of treating them.

I enrolled in esthetician school not only to enhance the content I post for BeautyTraducida but also because it’s something I’m truly passionate about, helping people look as beautiful as they feel. Often times, beauty stores don’t have your best interests in mind, their end goal is to turn a profit instead of providing you with specific recommendations for your needs. For that reason, among others, I decided to learn more about how to care for the largest organ in our body because if you don’t, no brand of makeup will be able to hide the imperfections on your face. In conclusion, true beauty comes from within and our diets, we only enhance it with a few products and treatments.

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